Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spicy Asian Basil Chicken (Beef or Turkey)

I've made this recipe a few times and it's really my take on Ka Pow chicken with ingredients I usually have in my kitchen. It actually does taste like a very mild version of Ka Pow. You can make this recipe with any meat - chicken, beef or even ground turkey.


1 lb meat of choice (chicken, beef or turkey)
1 clove fresh garlic
2 jalapeños
1/2 large onion
2-3 T basil
1 T ground black pepper
2 T olive oil
2-3 T Mirin
2 T soy sauce


In deep sauté pan heat olive oil and add chopped onion, garlic and chipped jalapeño pepper. When onion starts to brown, add Mirin, soy sauce, basil and pepper then add your meat. Cook over medium heat until meat is cooked through. Sometimes I do add more oil, Mirin or soy sauce if pan gets too dry.

Serve over rice.

It really is that easy and tastes good. You can adjust heat by adding more peppers or leaving seeds in the jalapeños (I usually remove mine)

You can also add other veggies if you wish. Sometimes I add some chopped cherry tomato. I also sometimes add some sesame seeds over the top for a little crunch.

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